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Published on: November 11, 2016

everdriveEverDrive shows you trip summaries, details on maneuvers, and gives you useful feedback to become a better driver. The safe driving app is easy to use because it automatically detects when driving starts and stops, and uses the phone’s sensors to measure your driving performance. You do not interact with EverDrive while you are driving because that would be distracted driving.

Key benefits:
• See past drives with feedback on maps.
• Improve your Driving with personalized tips.
• Compete with your friends on the leaderboards.
• Earn Achievements as your driving improves.
• Use the trip log for business.
• Reduce distracted driving with your phone.
• EverDrive may include contests and other promotions for app users
• Encourages safe driving

EverDrive runs in the background and uses GPS. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. When not driving it does not use the GPS.

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