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Published on: October 14, 2016

mimitateChat with people who enjoy the same shows or people who just want to Netflix and Chat. It starts with a selfie and it’s not about looking your best. Women make the first move.
Mimitate fixes the problems with other swipe to meet apps. Here’s how Mimitate works:
1). Men post a selfie with what they’re watching
2). Women imitate the selfies they like
3). Men chat with their favorites

For Women:
You are never shown publicly. Only you can initiate contact with men and those are the only people who can see you. You’ll never receive unwanted communication. Using Mimitate is easy:
1). Swipe Right to Mimitate a selfie or Swipe Left to Pass. You are only shown to the person you Mimitate.
2). If he likes your Mimi, he’ll chat with you.

For Men:
Avoid the time consuming swiping where you spend hours performing hundreds of swipes in the hopes you get a match. Post once and wait for the women to respond. Using Mimitate is easy:
1). Share a selfie and tell everyone what you’re watching. That’s it – no time consuming swiping.
2). Women who like what you’re watching will Mimitate your selfie
3). Swipe Right to Chat with your favorites or Swipe Left to Pass

Remember, it’s not about looking your best. So, let’s meet people who enjoy the same shows as you today.

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1 Comment
  1. Jody says:

    I love netflix! Im a really bad binge watcher!

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