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Published on: April 1, 2016



grabsnapFIrst up is GrabSnaps. This is a great app to help you capture that SnapChat image and keep it forever.

GrabSnaps is the most popular fully functional free solution for easy snapchat saving for iOS now available for Android . Just One Click and you save Images And Videos, No ROOT needed.


• Save unopened snapchat pictures

* Save unopened snapchat videos

* Enjoy your saved snapchat pictures and videos in a beautiful gallery

* No time limit

* Senders won’t get notified

* Available on Apple or Android

* No root access required

• Login with your snapchat credentials.

GrabSnaps saves everything for free, try it now!


cardmobili-iconNext up is CardMobili This great app allows you to save all of your loyalty and reward carts to the app. No more carrying around multiple cards in your wallet or on your keychain.

CardMobili the award winning Digital and Mobile Wallet cloud service.

★Winner of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks Award in 2010★

★Winner of the Audience Award of the Mobile Premier Awards 2011★

CardMobili is The Digital and Mobile Wallet That Makes Your Life Easier!

Download CardMobili and make your wallet lighter!

It´s free, simple and a convenient way to replace your physical cards so you can stop carrying all that plastic. Never forget or misplace your cards again.

Access all your favorite brands loyalty cards, rewards and membership information any place, any time, always with you!

100% FREE

Create your online account and securely store all your information online so you will never lose cards again. Enjoy a service with thousands of loyalty and membership cards from all over the world! It is completely and totally FREE! You can even receive coupons and special perks from CardMobili partners.

Main advantages:

Make your life easier with CardMobili; you will never have to carry all your plastic cards anymore.

• Have all your rewards and membership cards always with you on your Android or iPhone

• Scan your cards barcodes with your mobile phone to create your digital cards in seconds and replace all your plastic cards with CardMobili!

• Add your favorite brands loyalty cards and find stores near your location;

• At the store, identify yourself by the client number or the barcode visible on the screen.

• Discover current deals and opportunities with new mobile coupons

  1. CB says:

    Grabsnaps doesnt exist in my apple app store??

    • Appman says:

      Hey CB you are 100% correct. I just went back to the app store and it is gone. I have it on my iPhone, but it’s not in the app store any longer. I did find another app that I have also tested that does the exact same thing and I verified that it is in the store. It is called SNAP SAVE. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  2. GG says:

    Snap Save is not there any more either.

  3. Wendy says:

    Is CardMobili not available for Android. I didn’t find it in Play Store and when I search through google I found it but when I go to download it, it tells me that it is not available in my country yet???

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