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Published on: April 8, 2016

alergyWhen it comes to allergies, does pollen count? Yes, so it’s worth tracking the pollen count in your local area. IMS Health ncorporated, the company behind the free Allergy Alert™ smartphone app, has spent 25 years studying pollen counts and the methods for pollen sampling. The result is a handy allergy alert smartphone app, a subset of their online site, that’s based on your current location. So, for example, if you plan to travel to a different part of the country, you’ll know beforehand what the pollen count will be in that area. All you need do is search for a location by city or ZIP code.

The interface is simple and effective. If you suffer from allergies, the app’s single-day alerts enable you to better plan your day, while its four-day forecasts make it easier to plan for a week. In addition to giving you the nation’s leading pollen and allergy forecast, this app also keeps you on top of other environmental factors, with indices that measure asthma and ultraviolet ray levels, as well as cold and cough predictors. The app utilizes weather data directly from NOAA, our nation’s weather forecasting authority.

Allergies. You can’t live with‘em but you can definitely try to live without‘em thanks to Allergy Alert. The app is especially useful for people on the go. Pollen counts have become a powerful tool in helping to solve individual health problems. Okay, I know you saw it coming: This app is nothing to sneeze at.

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1 Comment
  1. Becky Brown says:

    This is such a helpful app. I couldn’t do
    without the use of the alert I get daily. This pollen is upsetting my sinus’ s by getting this app i will be app to control my allergies daily in my habits and work places.
    I’ m really looking forward to my daily use of this app In

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