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Published on: February 26, 2016



Pocket: Available on Android and iPhone.

What previously cost money is now free! I’m talking about the app now known as Pocket and formerly known as Read It Later. If you find something on the web—articles, videos, pictures—and you want to save it to read offline later, when it’s more convenient, well, now you can. Pocket is your “virtual pocket” for capturing web stories and images for viewing later. Pocket automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer. You can view what you downloaded offline and at your leisure without an Internet connection. Best of all, when you view the content offline, you don’t consumer any data from your cell phone plan. This popular app has received special kudos from New York Times, Business Week and TechCruch. They’re calling it the “DVR for the web.” Get Pocket today and join the thousands who have already downloaded the app and given it a 4.6 rating. One user said, “I wonder how I had passed all these days without it…Best app ever.” Another called it the “perfect combination of a great Android design and powerfully intuitive features.” Still another Pocket fan perhaps summed it best, “I don’t even have a single complaint about this app. It’s beautiful, intuitive, fast, and effective.” Put the best of the web in your pocket. It’s free. And it’s available for both our Android and iPhone users.





Lose It!: Available on Android and iPhone. The New Year has come and gone and now is as good a time as any to set goals. One worthy goal is to manage weight gain and exercise. Lose It! is the ideal smartphone app to help you reach those goals. Lose It! takes your profile and goal weight and puts together your personal daily budget. In other words, it’s designed to enable you to create a weight loss plan that fits your life and makes sense to you. Lose It! is about more than just losing weight, however. It helps you create and manage a total wellness plan that sets goals for sleep, exercise, blood pressure levels, and consumption of macronutrients. It also integrates with other popular fitness devices such as pedometers and workout apps. The app has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, and Forbes.com, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Whether you’re counting calories or nutrients, keeping track of your exercise regimen or managing your blood pressure and your sleep, you’ll soon find Lose It! to be the most seamless weight loss and wellness system available. This is one app that helps you win by losing.

  1. Andrea Bork says:

    Hello Appman. I’m sending this in because I would like to be entered in to win the Z93.3 sweatshirt and because I have a great app that I used on my iphone and on my android phone. The App is called Viggle and it is really fun. This is a perfect app for someone like Brittany who likes to watch television (especially prime time tv!). When you’re watching tv, simply open the app and hit the button and the app will listen to your TV. It will then determine which show you are watching and award you points for simply watching the tv show that you were going to watch anyways. From there, you can accumulate points to earn rewards like gift certificates and free products. They will also have “special” shows where you will earn extra points, or they will have trivia games that you can play during the shows (the trivia is based on the show) to earn extra points. It’s a fun way to make the tv shows that you watch more interactive, and you can earn great prizes simply by using this FREE app! Thank you! -Andrea

    • Appman says:

      Hey Andrea. That sounds like a great app. I will check it out. You’re right, Brittany will love this one. I will put your name in the contest for the hoodie. Good luck and thanks for listening!

      • AppMan says:

        Andrea you are the winner. Your hoodie can be picked up at the radio building at 201 State street in La Crosse. The office is open until 5 daily. On Monday the office will close at noon for the holiday. Just go to the front desk and tell them you won the Z93 hoodie. Enjoy.

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