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Published on: November 6, 2015

itemizeItemize makes tracking expenses on the go simple and easy. Photograph your receipts and expense data is extracted in 15 seconds or less, so you don’t have to manually enter expense information. Itemize organizes your expenses so you can feel confident throwing away your receipts and cleaning up your cluttered wallet.
Itemize generates robust expense reports from both digital receipts and paper receipts without data entry. Prepare and export expense report files for PDF, Excel, and Xero using built-in expense templates. Manage expense report data using Itemize’s web-based expense tracking dashboards and custom filters.
Expense data syncs across mobile and web applications, and is archived securely in the cloud. You can safely access your expenses from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Itemize captures Level I, Level II, and Level III expense data quickly, easily, reliably, and securely.
See what people are saying about the app:
– “Super convenient and easy to use!”
– “Itemize is great, simple to use, actually works reads receipts near flawlessly.”
– “This is an awesome app… it saves me tons of time with my expenses…”
Key Features:
– Instantly capture paper receipts
– Automatically organize digital receipts
– Easily edit receipt details
– Apply project codes, tags, and notes
– Captures Level I and Level II data from paper receipts
– Extracts Level II, Level II, and Level III data from digital receipts
– Stay organized on the go
– Avoid hassle of manual
– Save time on expense reports
– Save money with expense tracking
– Keep receipts in a centralized and secure location

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