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Published on: November 21, 2014

Gift professorFind the perfect gift in minutes with Gift Professor. Unique, one-of-a-kind ideas for each person on your list.

Gift Professor is an advanced gift matching system that can access over 2000 merchants’ coolest products when a shopper doesn’t know what he or she is looking for. Answer a few short questions and instantly browse your own perfectly personalized gift list. Hundreds of gifts are added everyday so selections are always fresh and new.

Gift occasions are always just around the corner. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Get a jump on your next gift-giving occasion. Gift Professor provides that extra gift giving guidance to make it easy to find “cool” relevant gifts. d

The goal of gift giving should be to evoke positive feelings. In the Professor’s catalog we specialize in useful, memorable presents that impact relationships in a positive way.

1. Essentially it’s a streamlined Q&A matching process – a do-it-yourself discovery system.
a. 13 different filters are applied to 700 product categories to narrow your options quickly
b. The app produces almost endless “spot on” results
c. In minutes you receive gift ideas in an infinite scroll format

2. A vast catalog
a. more products, merchants and relevant matches than ever.
b. 2000+ merchants
c. 100’s of new products found every day by a staff of specially trained product finders

3. An organizational tool
a. save products as you find them to personalized stores for each of your loved ones
b. refine your ideas each time you login 50,000>500>10>5>1
c. receive occasion reminders

Eliminate lengthy shopping outings – come see how fast the Professor can find something for you.

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