Temps Above Zero…That’s a New Concept

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Published on: January 10, 2014

Wow, this has been a long and cold week. Hopefully the weekend brings us some relief. This week I want to help the small business owner by giving them a leg up on the competition. Perch is just the app for that.

App #2 is just for fun. The Best Vines. Enjoy



perchPERCH: Get a birds-eye view! See reviews, social posts and promotions – for you AND your competition – all in one place. Thousands of local merchants are using Perch to listen to their local marketplace and discover how to improve their own social media and marketing activities.

Here’s how Perch puts your business in the know:


Quickly access the online activity for businesses across Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare and hundreds of deal sites — all in one place. Business posts are available alongside images, promotions and customer reviews, making it quick and easy to stay up to speed on you and your competition.



Select businesses that matter to you and keep track of their social activity with a live feed right on your phone. Quickly discover businesses that are creating a stir with consumers, are popular on social networks, or getting the most reviews.

Did someone just post a photo at your business or write a new review on Yelp? With mobile notifications and periodic email digests, Perch will alert you as things happen.



Best VinesBest Vines is the best app to view the funniest and most clever Vines. You can now view the best videos from several Facebook pages directly and easily on your Android or Apple device.

It allows you to view save and share the best Vines without having to use the Facebook app


– Surprise yourself with a random video

– Search the collection of best Vines

– Fast, and easy navigation

– Customizable download folder, auto play and auto replay

– Toggle between small and HQ thumbnails and videos to save bandwidth

Contents by:

– Best Vines

– Best Of Vines

– Best Of Vine

– Funny Vines

– 7 Second Videos

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