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Published on: January 3, 2014

Welcome to the New Year. Hope everyone had a great and safe New Year’s Eve. I had a very productive New Year’s Eve. I talked to a listener named Kayla and she told me that she listens to the segment every Friday on Z93. She also gave me a couple of apps to feature. One I will share with you today…thanks Kayla!



Lift is like having a coach in your phone. Free guidance, motivation, and tracking for 100,000 different goals.



Lift breaks your goals down into simple habits and routines, then prompts and encourages you to take regular steps toward healthy life change. With the right support you can succeed at every goal.

1. Step by step coaching plans for 100k goals, habits, and skills.

2. Motivation based on positive psychology.

3. One tap tracking for your progress.



1. FITNESS. Exercise is the top goal on Lift, with currently over 125k participants. We encourage consistency that builds towards long-term fitness success. Your training can range from making an exercise habit via running, going to the gym, pushups, etc. If you need more guidance, we have detailed coaching plans for running, squats, planks and practically every aspect of fitness.

2. PRODUCTIVITY. Productivity is a series of habits around organization, discipline and prioritizing. The Lift community is big on setting priorities, Inbox Zero (many with daily streaks beyond 100 days), and GTD.

3. HEALTHY DIET CHANGE. Lift is focused on diet for a life long healthy weight and energy level. We support popular diets like the 4-Hour Body and the Paleo Diet, as well as healthy eating habits around low carb, vegetarian, vegan, sugar free, gluten free, and whole foods.

4. ALSO. People have no end of ambition. Among are 100k goals are people training their relationship and career skills, building mindfulness, spirituality or meditation practices, and so much more.


Grocery-IQGrocery IQ:  Have you ever made it all the way to the grocery store only to discover that you misplaced your grocery list? You’ll never forget your list again, with your smartphone’s Grocery iQ app. As long as you have your smartphone with you, your grocery list never leaves your side.  You can build new shopping lists quickly by either typing or saying the item’s name. For example, either type or say “milk” and presto! It’s added to your shopping list.  You can even use your phone’s built-in camera to scan an item’s barcode. For instance, if you just ran out of ketchup or your favorite laundry detergent, simply scan the barcode on the empty bottle or box to add the item to your list. It’s that easy.

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